Willmore Park Trail   Development    2015 & Beyond    


      Willmore Park Trail Development

2015 & Beyond


Project Scope

Build new singletrack trails to utilize more of the park space.

Repair damaged sections of existing trails.

5 new trails. 6.6km. 2000+ volunteer hours.


There are large areas of the park that contain phenomenal potential, yet remain unseen and unused.

New trails will effectively utilize these areas while maintaining and extending the intent of the park.

There has been a noticeable increase in trail usage by mountain bikers, trail runners, and snowshoers.

Edson could use a greater variety of physical activities available to it's citizens.

Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports.

Willmore Park provides the only mountain bike trails in the Edson area. 


Increases and maintains interest in trail usage.

Encourages a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.

Provides a healthy and fun atmosphere for youth, adults, and families.

Continues to serve the needs of all existing user groups.

Gain provincial exposure as a desirable mountain biking destination.

Completed Trails

2015 - Raspberry Stinger

Our first new trail completed was Raspberry Stinger in 2015. From mid-July to November, almost 700 volunteer hours were spent working on the trail. We had two one day work-bees, trail building nights once a week, and many other hours spent building by a small group of dedicated volunteers. The SemCAMS, Shell Deep Basin and Weyerhaeuser groups came out for work bee days to help with this trail.

1.2km distance.

Raspberry Stinger is done and officially open! Please go and take a spin on the new trail.  Thank you so much to all the volunteers that came out for many hours to make this happen!

2016 - Overflow

Overflow extends around the overflow campground area connecting the existing River trail to the Spruce trail loop.

942 meter distance.

pic cut02.gif
pic cut06.gif

2016 - Sand hill Bypass

Built at a maximum 10% average sustainable grade, this trail provides a new climb/descent to riders of all abilities. This bypasses a black diamond difficulty sand hill section that has erosion problems. 

230 meter distance.

bypass cut03.gif
bypass cut02.gif

2017 - Ridge Roller

Ridge Roller will start at the lookout bench on the Pine trail and finish below, connecting to the Willow trail loop.  Featuring a naturally sweeping flow down the ridge line and great views of the Mcleod river.

1002 m distance.

Ridge Roller.jpg

2017 - Root 66

The Root 66 trail loop lies west of Willmore Park. These trails are on Crown land. It features views of the river and of the old railroad bridge supports. This is a more technically challenging trail that features an old school singletrack feel.

3.1km distance.