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Edson Bike Skills Park

Located in Edson’s Willmore Park, the Edson Bike Skills Park is a free, fun, and safe place for people to learn, practice and hone their cycling skills. This bike skills park contains a variety of natural and man-made features such as jumps, rocks, logs, pumps tracks, ladder bridges, teeter totters, and and a flow trail. Like a skateboard park is designed for skateboards, a bike skills park is designed for bikes. The Edson Bike Skills Park provides people of all ages a place to gather and share in physical activity. We believe that our community needs more opportunities for people to engage in physical activity. The park was designed and built to be used by cyclists of all ages and abilities. We hope that children will grow up with a lifelong love of cycling and physical activity and youth will be able to spend their time in a positive way. The bike skills park is progressive in nature with elements that are safe and accessible for toddlers on run bikes and will progress to provide challenges for all. The Edson Bike Skills Park is free to use and open during park hours.


2019 Open Zones:

Mountainside Skills Zone

JayCee Flow Zone

Rotary Pump Tracks

North Shore Skills Zone

2019 Edson Bike Skills Park map. Click to enlarge.

Willmore trail map. Click to enlarge.

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Everyone who enters the Edson Bike Skills Park accepts the following exclusion of liability: