Edson Bike Skills Park - 2019 Construction

June is off to an exciting start. The Hoots crew is back and straight into bike park construction mode! The crew of 7 will be here for the rest of the month finishing off the rest of the zones. Stay tuned for opening date!

Highlight Gallery

Edson Bike Skills Park - 2018 Construction

It has been a very exciting summer! From June to September, there has been amazing progress with the construction of the Edson Bike Skills Park. In June, extensive mulching, organics stripping, and material staging were performed by Byers Enterprises , JayCee Enterprises, and Dirt Works. Sunshine Building products came out and helped pre-build some of the wood features. July saw the Hoots Inc. crew come in and start primary construction. It was a very challenging month, the crew put in large drainage segments, culverts, and weeping tile, all while having an above average rainfall. August brought drier weather and with it great gains in areas being built. Husky Energy came out for a work bee day. The Hoots crew wrapped up the first week of September. A very big thank to the volunteers that came out to help with this project. The crew really appreciated the extra hand.

We were very lucky to have Hoots for 2 full months, as we originally were only going to have them for 4-5 weeks. Hoots Inc. have done an amazing job transforming this area into a beautiful and exciting bike park. Going into 2019, we need another 4 weeks of work (with dry weather) for grand opening. It is important to note that this area is still in unfinished state and will remain closed until completion. Please respect the closed area signage. Failure to do so may result in damage to areas already built, this will increase cost and delay the opening. Stay tuned in the spring for announcements on volunteer opportunities when construction gets rolling again. 2019 is going to be spectacular!

Shots from early September 2018 at season wrap up.

Progressive and Advanced Jumps area.

Last half of the pro line for the advanced dirt jumps.

JayCee Flow Zone

The JacyCee Flow Zone. A bmx style jump and flow run designed to be taken by two riders at the same time.

Part of the North Shore Skills Zone.

Rotary Pump Tracks and Skills Zone

Beginner pump track from the Rotary Pump Tracks area.

Advanced pump track from the Rotary Pump Tracks area.

Skills Area.

A few Skills Zone features with the wall ride and North Shore Skills Zone in the background.

The Hoots Inc. team. The Edson Bike Skills Park is Hoots’ 62nd bike park build.

Shots from 2018 construction.

Jay grading the backslope of the start hill.

Scott working on the advanced pump track.

Placing the wall ride.

Dalan shaping the beginner pump track.

Nick working on the North Shore Skills Zone.

Log ride layout prep.

The Husky Energy work bee crew.

Nick and David fine tuning rock placement on a Skills Zone log ride.

North Shore Skills Zone log ride entry work.

Nick and Greg decking the Z ladder bridge ride.

Advanced jumps shaping.

Jay and Scott prepping the JayCee Flow Zone floor.